March 2022 Studio Updates

The process of shedding one’s outgrown self, and emerging anew.

It’s been an amazing month at Ecdysis Studio! Between travel and the nice weather outside, we’ve managed to work on a lot of fun projects over the past few weeks. Up first in our spotlight for the month, we’d like to remind you about the Penguin Credo: Never Swim Alone!

Side by side two penguin tattoos.
A close up photo of another penguin tattoo.

Next up is another project from our resident artist, Dave. This one’s a big project that actually started a while back. It was completed just a few days ago in our studio, and was one of Dave’s favorite sleeves to work on so far. Dave’s especially thankful for all the trust Craig placed in him throughout the project. If you’re an Avengers fan, you’re sure to love this design too! 

A Marvel Avengers themed sleeve tattoo.
A closer view of this Marvel themed tattoo sleeve.

Now we would like to highlight  progress on this oriental warrior leg sleeve Dave’s been working on. Special thanks to Christopher for trusting us with this project. I need to inform everyone this man is champion 🤘

Leg sleeve blossom pagoda tattoo.

Our last feature of the month is to share the finalized sleeve part of this project with Connor. We started on the neck but left behind the scenes for now. We’ll try to post more updates next month as the project progresses. Share this design with your friends to bring me more wolves 👌

Side view of a wolf themed arm sleeve.
Back of arm view of this wolf themed tattoo sleeve.
A closer view of this sleeve project.

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