our Vision

• the process of shedding the old and emerging anew


We have all, at some point, wished to start anew. We go through metamorphic stages many times in our life, through choice or otherwise. We grow and change as we learn who we are, from what we have been, and who we hope to become. At Ecdysis, we’re here to help you discover your truest form. Whether you’re covering old art or scars, adding your twentieth tattoo, or looking for your first, Ecdysis studio is your place to cast off your old self and emerge anew with art that represents your true self. 


Our tattoo studio isn’t your typical space. We’ve drawn inspiration from the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, and the hustle and noise of London’s Borough Market. Clean, minimal, and welcoming, our studio is an extension of our home, an open-minded space for discussion, design, and growth. Leave your old skin at the door and relax in an unintimidating space that’s designed to put you at the forefront of your image—inner and outer perfectly aligning. 


We’re a small, intimate, and dedicated team, here to help you recognise and transform yourself through custom-tailored tattoos and laser removal services. Whether you’re looking to transform an existing image project or bring an idea to life for a completely new design, we strive to ensure your outer image matches your inner person. 


• the process of shedding one’s outgrown self, and emerging anew


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